Tournament Schedule for 2015

We hope you enjoyed the NCL BJJ Open and the Versus No-Gi tournament this year. We got a lot of valuable feedback from competitors, and we have some big plans for 2015. We’re planning five tournaments for next year, three gi tournaments, and two no-gi. Watch this space for news about prizes, sponsors and more over the next few months.

Date Event
8th March 2015 Newcastle BJJ Open Spring Tournament (Gi)
10th May 2015 Versus Grappling 6 (No-gi)
11th July 2015 Newcastle BJJ Open Summer Tournament (Gi)
3rd October 2015 Versus Grappling 7 (No-gi)
5th December 2015 Newcastle BJJ Open Winter Tournament (Gi)

The North East BJJ scene is growing rapidly, and there’s some great talent at all levels, so we look forward to seeing you in action!