Newcastle Gi Open May 2014 Results

Vs Grappling MatchThanks to all of the competitors and coaches that took part in the first Versus Grappling Newcastle Gi Open this weekend. It was a great day with some good Jiu Jitsu at all levels, and it was nice to see so many people from teams in the North East of England taking part, as well as the teams that came from further afield. The local BJJ scene is definitely thriving and we look forward to many more gi and no-gi events during the rest of the year.

Here’s the results for the May 2014 Versus Grappling Newcastle Gi Open.

White Belt Light Feather < 64KgVersus Grappling Gi Match

Gold: Chris Naisbett (Team Lagarto Teeside)
Silver: Ben Jaques (Checkmat)
Bronze: Phil Nelson (Origin BJJ Newcastle)

White Belt Light < 76Kg

Gold: Michael Kelly (Checkmat)
Silver: Callam Atkinson (Checkmat)
Bronze: Paul Agar (Checkmat)

White Belt Middle < 82.3Kg

Gold: Reece Doran (Checkmat)
Silver: Anthony Mcintyre (Team Lagarto Teeside)
Bronze: Mark Rutter (Independent)

White Belt Medium Heavy < 88.3Kg

Gold: Chris Brown (Origin BJJ Newcastle)
Silver: Alex Ozobia (Checkmat)

White Belt Ultra Heavy > 100.5Kg

Gold: Jake Langley (Dungeon BJJ)
Silver: Andrew Amos  (Origin BJJ Newcastle)
Bronze: Ian Briggs (Origin BJJ Newcastle)

In addition to a busy white belt category, there was a good turnout of blue belts, as well as purple belts and a black belt super-fight.

Blue Belt Feather < 64Kg

Gold: James Keay   (Origin BJJ Newcastle)
Silver: David Griffiths  (The Lab Darlington)
Bronze: Ricky Beadnal    (Team Lagarto Teeside)

Blue Belt Light < 76Kg

Gold: Jordan Cooper (Origin BJJ Newcastle)
Silver: Jonathan Poulter (Origin BJJ Newcastle)
Bronze: Stu Glenc  (Team Lagarto Teeside)

Blue Belt Middle < 82.3Kg

Gold: Aaron Shiels (Origin BJJ Newcastle)
Silver: Steven Ansel   (Tapout Knockout MMA)
Bronze: Joe Erskine (Origin BJJ Newcastle)

Blue Belt Medium Heavy < 88.3Kg

Gold: Steven Playfair (Rick Young’s Black Belt Academy)
Silver: Karl Watson  (Origin BJJ Darlington)
Bronze: Lee Cadogan (Origin BJJ Newcastle)

Blue Belt Master Heavy < 94.3Kg

Gold: Mike Quinn (Checkmat)
Silver: Steve Murray (Origin BJJ Newcastle)

Blue Belt Ultra Heavy > 100Kg

Gold: David Foggo  (Rick Young’s Black Belt Academy)
Silver: David Goodman (Team Lagarto Teeside)

Purple Belt Middle < 82.3Kg

Gold: Omied Khakshour   (Chris Rees Academy)
Silver: Chris Short (Team Lagarto Teeside)
Bronze: Andrew Fisher (Irving Jiu Jitsu)

White Belt Absolute          

Gold: Reece Doran (Checkmat) BJJ Warmup
Silver: Michael Kelly  (Checkmat)
Bronze: Stephen Russel (Checkmat)

Blue Belt Absolute   

Gold: Steven Playfair (Rick Young’s Black Belt Academy)
Silver: David Foggo  (Rick Young’s Black Belt Academy)
Bronze: Mike Quinn  (Checkmat)

Black Belt Super Fight

Dat Nguyen (GFTeam) vs Sam Howey  (Checkmat)

Winner: Dat Nguyen via an impressive Bow & Arrow. Check back soon for a video of the match!

Team Standings

Thanks to all the teams that sent competitors to the event. The team standings were:

Rank Team Points
1 Checkmat 46
2 Origin BJJ Newcastle 44
3 Rick Young’s Black Belt Academy 24
4 Team Lagarto Teeside 18
-5- Chris Rees Academy  7
-5- GFTeam 7
-5- Dungeon BJJ 7
-8- The Lab Darlington 3
-8- Tapout Knockout MMA 3
10 Irving Jiu Jitsu 1